In order to accommodate a variety of purposes and customer requirements, StS gruppen has developed three different standard designs for its habitat system.

The trendsetter

generation 1

This configuration of StS gruppen's Flexi Habitat system has been the first system to offer the patented automatic shutdown system developed by the company.
Besides the automatic shutdown system controlled by the central unit, the system is equipped with two emergency stops.

The quintessence

Generation 2  Flexi Habitat System

In this second setup design, StS gruppen has cut the system down to its core functionality.
Due to advanced modifications, the fan can take over the shutdown control as the gas detector is integrated into the fan. This setup is a failsafe system designed for smaller operations. .

The multi-tasker

generation 3 Flexi Habitat System

This newly developed setup is specifically designed to offer additional functions, e.g. for the simultaneous operation of multiple habitats.
Living up to highest safety requirements , StS gruppen's Generation 3 Flexi Habitat System is equipped with a completely re-designed control system for up to 4 habitats.

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